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Halogen vs. LED Spotlights Comparison

Dichroic Halogen Spotlight
Power LED Spotlight
Light Source
Quartz Halogen Bulb
Power LED
Average Source Life
2000 hours
50,000 hours
Lamp Life Expectancy
Lamp Temperature
Power Consumption
20W (5X)
4W (1X)
Luminous Flux @ 1 meter
200 Lux (using 3500K warm white)
100 Lux (using 6500K white)
Luminous Efficacy
12 lumens/watt [*]
25 lumens/watt
Color Selection
Single Color
Many Color Choices
Color Stability Over Time
UV or IR Radiation
Mercury or other contaminants
Initial Product Cost
Long Term Operating Cost

Notes: [*] Data taken from famous halogen manufacturer's catalogue.
Major Advantages of LED Spotlights over Halogen Spotlights

Return of Investment (ROI) Calculation for LED Spotlight Systems Case Study Example:

Project name: Major ABC Retail Group Showcase Lighting
Number of chain stores:50
Number of lamps used:100 pcs per storeProposed initial lighting investment per store:

If using halogen MR16 bulbs:
(a) 20W Halogen bulbs: 100 pcs X $3.00 = $300.00
(b) 300W 120V/12V AC/AC Transformer: 10 pcs X $75 = $750.00
Total initial investment (a + b) = $1050.00

If using LED MR16 bulbs:
(a) 4 W LED bulbs: 100 pcs X $30.00 = $3000.00
(b) 300W 120V/12V AC/AC Transformer: 2 pcs X $75 = $150.00

Total initial investment (a + b) = $3150.00Initial investment cost difference = $3150 - $1050 = $2100.00 extra (for choosing LED spotlight)
[Note: All pricing figures used in this illustration are based on market price assumption]Electricity Bill Calculator Formula
Monthly Bill = Number of lamps used X (Watt/1000) X (Monthly Usage Hours) X (Cost per KWH) Bill Calculation Factors (Assumed for the sake of easy calculations)
Monthly usage Hours:?30 days X number of hours (12 hours per day)
Electricity cost per KWH:?US$1.00
LED MR16 wattage:??4W
Halogen MR16 wattage:?20W

Monthly Electricity Bill Comparison
1 Month (US$)
1 Year (US$)
5 Years (US$)
Halogen MR16 Electricity Bill Calculation:
100 pcs X (20W/1000) X (30X12) X $1.00
LED MR16 Electricity Bill Calculation:
100 pcs X (4W/1000) X (30X12) X $1.00
LED MR16 Electric Bill Savings Over halogen MR16? ($720.00 V $140.40)
Halogen MR16 replacement cost every 6 months
100 pcs X $3 = $300? (Therefore 1 month average = $50)
Note: Assuming each Halogen life is 2000 hours and Halogen bulb is $3.00/pc
Total Savings

Remark: The electrical bill savings will pay for the initial LED bulb investments itself in less than 6 months.Accumulated Cost Savings for LED spotlight system (Possible cost savings for installation period of 5 years)


Number of Chain Stores
Total Amount of Savings (in US$)
10 stores
25 stores
50 stores
100 stores

ConclusionThe outstanding feature of the innovative power LED technology is the increased luminous efficiency - i.e. the same amount of light is produced using less power, therefore saving energy. Power LED spotlights also cut down on air conditioning costs, because the lower power consumption (for the same amount of light produced) generates less heat, and therefore reduces the cooling requirement.? That means cash in your pocket - without having to do without brilliant light. All power LED spotlights provide many color selection and also a high level of light intensity and color consistency over their entire life of up to 50,000 hours!